Friday, January 23, 2009

Basil Moore

Basil Moore Director / Writer / Producer / Composer / Editor / Cameraman / Pianist / Drummer / Orchestral conductor and actually speaks four languages fluently. ... Amazing!!! and it is really true. He really can do these things.

For those who actually had the pleasure of working with Basil Moore closely, know that he is an incredible talent with a serious passion for detail and life changing artistic impact.
His latest screenplay that has been a very closely guarded secret "Einstein" has captured the hearts and minds of some of Hollywood's top personalities, from Directors to Actors to Producers and Agents.
First, I met Basil Moore in person when I was an Editor at a web based television website production company which he came in to meet our head of production Mr. Kevin Tucker. He showed us his one minute story pitch recorded on video. It was hilarious and amazing.
Basil Moore actually composed the music scores to many films and some of them are not listed on IMDB. One in particular that Kevin Tucker had us watch was ( TITANIC in a new light ) which was a documentary about the Titanic produced back in 1996. The music was powerful. When I found out that Basil Moore composed it and that he now Direct, produce and so on, I made sure to make a note of his name.

I came across his screenplay as a reader at William Morris Agency back in 2008. The guys at William Morris Agency saw the potential and had meetings to try to get him to release the rights unconditionally. They saw $.
I read his screenplay and it had an unusual structure, but driven everyone to read it and get stuck reading it for over two hours or so, it is veeeery long but captured everyone's hearts and imagination.
Mel Gibson was said to be interested to attach himself to it as soon as his agent Ed Limato moved from ICM to WMA. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie.
With Hollywood's greed WMA's original vision that was inspired by Basil Moore was lost in the shuffle.

I last heard from a friend at CAA that Michael Mann was to direct it and a top lead actor was to star in it.
I finally quit my job at WMA last summer and I cannot wait to hear what next from Basil Moore.